Wall hangers

We offer wall hangers which can be used for jackets, your dog's leash or other accessories.

The width of the base of the hanger: 33 cm. Weight: 1 kg

You can choose from all 160 shiluettes or ask about individual design.

All DogLimit products are rust-protected with top anticorrosive coating achieved by galvanising and powder painting.
It is hot dip galvanising of a chemically cleaned products that provides dozens of years of rust protection to DogLimit products.

Alle produkte DogLimit werden den besten Korrosionsschutzverfahren, der Verzinkung und der Pulverlackierung, unterzogen. Die infolge des Eintauchens in flüssigem Zink einer vorerst chemisch gereinigten gewonnene Zinkschicht schützt die produkte DogLimit jahrelang vor Korrosion.

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